Exclusive Services with Complete Confidentiality.

Exclusive Services with Complete Confidentiality.

What We Expertise

Amecrown specialise in top-notch OEM services for a wide range of beverage goods, including tea, coffee, instant drinks, and a variety of others. Our industry expertise allows us to develop great powdered beverage solutions tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality, we are the ideal partner for providing great OEM services in the food and beverage industry.

With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality, we are the ideal partner for providing great OEM services in the food and beverage industry.

Leave Everything To Us, We Cover It All!

Leave Everything To Us, We Cover It All!

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

We start by learning about your specific needs, such as product specs, design preferences, target market, and required functionalities. During the consultation process, we will align our services with your goal.

Product Design and Development

Our skilled team collaborates with you to design and develop the product to your specifications. This includes formulating, selecting ingredients, designing packaging, and branding. We use our industry knowledge and skills to develop a distinctive and viable product.

Prototyping and Sampling

After the design phase is complete, we create product prototypes and samples. Before proceeding to full-scale production, these samples allow you to evaluate the product’s taste, quality, and general appeal.

Manufacturing and Production

We move on to the production step after finalising the product design and gaining your approval on the samples. We have cutting-edge facilities and strong quality control methods in place to assure consistent and high-quality output.

Quality Control and Testing

Rigid quality control and testing are carried out throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the product meets or exceeds industry requirements. This covers taste, texture, nutritional content, and safety testing.

Packaging and Labelling

We work with you to produce visually appealing and informative packaging for your product. This includes developing labels, selecting packaging materials, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Logistics and Distribution

We manage logistics and distribution after the products have been created and packed. We have effective supply chain management mechanisms in place to assure on-time delivery to the places you specify.

Ongoing Support

Our dedication to your success does not end with the delivery of the goods. We offer continuing assistance and collaboration, addressing any complaints or changes that may emerge, as well as aiding you with marketing ideas and product promotion.

Continual Support

We give thorough assistance throughout the OEM process, maintaining open contact and responding to your demands as soon as possible.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our competitive pricing, economies of scale, and optimised budget allocation can help you maximise your profitability.

Time to Market

Our streamlined processes and effective supply chain management allow us to get to market quickly.

Halal Certified

Ensuring that the beverages comply with halal standards, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting the dietary and cultural needs of a wide range of consumers.